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These files are constantly evolving as information becomes available. As such it is essential to keep an open dialogue. I encourage you to contact me through the "ADDITIONS or CORRECTIONS" link on any individual or family page if you have something you can add or correct. Contacting us in this way rather then the general email allows us to pin point exactly the family or person you are asking about.

NEW Resources on our Records and Resources page of Long Island Genealogy: 
1. NEW
- St Johns Episcopal Church Records, Oakdale
2. NEW  Brookhaven Town Historians Complete ALPHA List - This list was originally compiled by Osborn Shaw, Brookhaven Town Historian, somewhere between 1938 -1939 -  Research tool for use with the Brookhaven Town Historians ALPHA List

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This SEARCH function will search all databases we currently have. If you get a result listing the same individual multiple times that simply means we have him in multiple "trees." Check out each result as the information may be more complete in one "tree" then another.  If you see an individual in a database named by his Surname then that would be the "Main" database for that individual.  RE Thomas Ryder would be most complete in the "Ryder" database.

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