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"Long Island Surnames" is the Surname Database section of "Long Island Genealogy"   These files are constantly evolving as information becomes available. As such it is essential to keep an open dialogue. I encourage you to contact me through the "ADDITIONS or CORRECTIONS" link on any individual or family page if you have something you can add or correct.


Please help - The future of our work depends on the generosity of people like yourself.  Whether you are trying to validate family stories, checking for famous relatives, researching family medical history, working to prove lineage for a heritage society or simply documenting your legacy for future generations, we are here to help and have been since 1993.
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   This SEARCH function will search all databases we    
   currently have. If you get a result listing the same
   individual multiple times that simply means we have him
   in multiple "trees." Check out each result as the
   information may be more complete in one "tree" then
   another.  If you see an individual in a database named
   by his Surname then that would be the "Main" database
   for that individual.  RE Thomas Ryder would be most  
   complete in the "Ryder" database.


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