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Susan Butterfield

Female 1615 - 1670  (54 years)

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  • Name Susan Butterfield 
    Born 4 Apr 1615  Ovenden, Halifax Parish, West Ridings, Yorkshire, England Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Female 
    Died 1670  Hempstead, Queens Co., LI, NY Find all individuals with events at this location 
    • [1.ged]

      Elaine Halstead, Charles Frost and Gary Halstead give 1615 for
      her dob,
      while Dwight Halstead has it as 1612.
      ------- ----
      ---------------------------------------- Elaine's records state
      she died
      in New York. Gary and Dwight have it as Hempstead, Nassau Co.,
      In reviewing all of the notes in both this record and that of
      Halstead, I question all of the information as to dates and
      locations of
      birth and death for the wife of Jonas Halstead. That
      information may have
      been applicable to Susan Butterfield, the one that is a
      doubtful entry as
      the wife of Jonas Halstead.
      27 Mar 2001 QLE
      ------- ----
      After hours of pondering I have finally entered Sarah
      Butterfield as the
      spouse of Jonas Halstead. But I feel like it is like walking
      on Jello
      during an earthquake.
      28 Apr 2001 QLE
      The following material is from the notes in the data sent by
      Halstead, but these notes were in the record of Jonas Halstead.
      capacity for storage of notes was exceeded in that entry so I
      am entering
      the material here. Much of it applies to the controversy over
      the identity
      of the spouse of Jonas Halstead, so it is appropriate from that
      that it be entered here:
      Quoting an email of Oct 1999 from John Preston Halstead IV,
      "With regard
      to Jonas: for a variety of reasons, Art Wardwell concluded that
      both the
      Matthew Mitchell and Edmond Wood families emigrated on the
      "James" of
      Bristol in 1635 and that Jonas Halstead was a member of the
      Edmond Wood
      party. (See letters from Art Wardwell to Herb Seversmith,
      copies being
      sent by snail mail) as well as Matthew Wood's article in the
      NYG&B Record,
      Jan.1989 - Apr. 1990, "English Origins of Mitchell, Wood, Lum
      and Halstead
      Families"). Although Matthew Wood does not accept Wardwell's
      about Jonas Halstead's emigration, he
      doesn't disprove it. In fact, he doesn't even deal with it,
      which leaves
      Wardwell's conjecture standing, in my opinion." Jonas, it
      appears, came to
      New England with the Mitchell, and Wood families, which
      included not only
      Jonas, but also his half-brother, John Lum. ***Caution***Again
      you are
      cautioned, this is supposition by Wardwell***Caution***"Jonas
      and the
      Butterfield girl were already interested in each other. They
      were together
      on the long trip across the water to N.E. and both families
      went to
      Springfield then called Agawam." [My atlas shows Agawam
      seperate from but
      neighboring Springfield, Hampden County, Mass] "They lived
      there by May
      1636 and were still there in July. There was no minister at
      Agawam so the
      young couple could not have married there. At Agawam, Matthew
      Samuel Butterfield and Edmund Wood were "On the Conneticut" and
      Jonas Wood
      "S of Mill River." The two families left Agawam versy soon and
      went down
      the river to Westersfield, [Hartford County, Conneticut] and I
      think it
      was not
      long before the young couple were married." "In the
      Weathersfield history
      is given a list of those who were to remove to Rippowarns (?
      there is a
      Rippowam river in Connecticut, just west of Stamford) with
      Denton. It
      included the following:
      Edmund Wood, Jeremy Wood, Jonas Wood, "Hal" Jonas Wood Jr.
      This perhaps was Jonas Halstead who lived with Wood so long
      Jonas Wood
      that he was thought a Wood" - Wardwell to Seversmith 1956
      Regarding the
      given name of Jonas' spouse - - - Butterfield, Wardwell notes
      on page four
      of this letter that "What name was given to the Butterfield
      girl when she
      was born in 1615? Susan Wood [Butterfield-Mitchell] named a
      daughter by
      Matthew Mitchell Sarah in 1621. If she had a daughter Sarah
      aged about 6 do you
      think she would have given Sarah as the name to the Mitchell
      child.[?]" "I
      am inclined to drop Sarah as the suggested name for the wife of
      Halstead. What do you think?" [On the other hand, Susan
      Butterfield-Mitchell named her 4th child Susan b. ca 1631when
      Jonas' wife
      would have been about 12 years old, so who knows?]
      Note: "New Netherland was the name given to the area of Dutch
      in North America during the 17th century. In 1621 the Dutch
      West India
      Company was granted a charter that included the right to
      colonies in the New World. The first permanent settlement was
      made in
      1624. New Netherland was centered along the Hudson River Valley
      included parts of what is now New York, New Jersey,
      Connecticut, and
      Delaware. From 1626 its capital was at New Amsterdam (now New
      York City).
      An English expedition forced Gov. Peter
      Stuyvesant to surrender New Netherland in 1664. The Dutch
      retook it in
      1673, but it was permanently restored to England the following
      year by the
      Treaty of Westminster."
      The Dutch West India Company, a trading company established in
      the Dutch
      Republic, was the creator of the 17th-century Dutch trading
      empire along
      the Atlantic coasts of Africa and the Americas. It received its
      charter in
      1621, when the war to preserve Dutch independence from Spain
      was resumed
      after a 12-year truce. The company was founded primarily to sap
      Spanish war effort by attacking the trade between Spain and its
      colonies; the company's most famous success came in 1628, off
      the coast of
      Cuba, when Piet Hein
      captured the Spanish silver fleet with its enormous and
      valuable booty.

      Privateering, however, gave way to building colonies in Brazil,
      Guiana (now Surinam), the Antilles, and New Netherland, which
      became a
      province of the company in 1623. The company also established
      on the west coast of Africa from which black slaves were
      shipped across
      the Atlantic. In 1654, however, Brazil was lost to Portugal,
      and in 1664
      England took New Netherland. The company remained in deep
      difficulties for the rest of its existence;
      its principal activity remained the slave trade. The charter of
      the Dutch
      West India Company was not renewed in 1791, and its possessions
      and debts
      were taken over by the Dutch government. It disappeared
      completely after
      the 1794 conquest of the Dutch Republic by France.
      Herbert H. Rowen Bibliography: Bachman, V. C., Peltries or
      (1969); Boxer, C. R., The Dutch in Brazil, 1624-1654 (1957);
      Rink, Oliver,
      Holland on
      the Hudson (1986).
      Unless new information is forthcoming I have entered the name
      of the
      spouse of Jonas Halstead as Sarah Butterfield and have come to
      conclusion that this is highly probable as correct information.
      29 Apr 2001 QLE
      Date: Monday, April 30, 2001 6:48 AM
      Subject: Re: BUTTERFIELD?

      I think you are asking two questions: Was Jonas H's wife's
      given name
      Sarah or Susan, and , was her maiden surname Butterfield?
      Let's deal with the second first. We have no record of
      marriage, so we have no proof of whom he married. Art Wardwell
      in his
      letter to Herb Seversmith of 13 Feb. 1936 surmized that her
      name was
      Butterfield, but Seversmith didn't buy it, and they both
      dropped the
      matter at that point. The Susan Butterfield who married Matthew
      was the widow of Thomas Butterfield. Her maiden name was Wood.
      She had
      married Thomas Butterfield about 1612. Butterfield died 1614/15
      and his
      widow married Matthew Mitchell 21 Aug 1616. They had:
      David b.c. 1619
      Sarah b.c.1621
      Jonathan b.c. 1623
      Susan b.c. 1626/7
      Hannah b.c.1630/31
      These apparently all came over on the "James" of Bristol in
      1635, although
      only the parents and Jonathan were listed on the manifest. It
      is possible
      that Mrs. Susan (Wood) Butterfield Mitchell also brought with
      her on the
      James two children from her previous marriage: Samuel
      Butterfield age 22
      and _______ Butterfield age 20, the latter being the child with
      whom Susan
      was pregnant when her first husband died in 1614/15. Wardwell
      that this child was a girl and that she got to know Jonas on
      the trip over
      and married him in America - a great many suppositions piled on
      top of
      each other. This is all I can say about her surname. We just
      don't know.
      As for her given name, your e-mail of 2/11/00 titled "Notes
      on Jonas"
      the latest scholarly conclusion, quoted verbatim from Matthew
      Wood's 1989
      article in the NYG&BR. Wood concluded that it is possible that
      her name
      Sarah. Again, that's all we can say. At the present moment,
      barring the
      discovery of additional documents, there's not much point in

      Regards, John P.
      Date: Monday, April 30, 2001 7:11 AM
      Subject: Re: BUTTERFIELD?

      Well put, John.

      Obviously a lot of thought has gone into this over the years,
      but poor
      record-keeping will probably keep us from finding the real

      One question I have always had about this particular line is:
      Why did
      Susan (Wood) (Butterfield) Mitchell name another daughter
      Sarah, if "our"
      Sarah had already been born to her in about 1615? Is it at all
      that -- if this whole line is correct -- "our" Sarah was Sarah
      not Sarah Butterfield? Born in 1620 or 1621 (baptized, as I
      remember, in
      early 1621), she could have been old enough in about 1636 or
      1637 (15 or
      16) to marry Old Jonas. Is this an absurd observation?

      I have read Wardwell's theories about Jonas Halstead and Sarah
      "Butterfield" (I use the quotes only because of my doubts
      above). He had to have gotten his idea from someplace; he was
      too good a
      researcher to have cavalierly presented such a theory in the
      way he did.

      Matthew Wood, by the way, has a new article in the NYG&B Record
      this month
      about Timothy Wood (son of Edmund, and nephew of Sarah
      Butterfield-Mitchell?) Halstead) which mentions the Halsteads,
      as well as
      the Stricklands and many others. Interesting reading!
      Non-NYG&B members,
      check your local libraries.

      Mark R. Halstead
      ------- ----
      In view of all the e-mail received to this date I have really
      no idea
      whether Jonas Halstead was married to Susan Butterfield or to
      Mitchell. I have left the union as being with Susan
      Butterfield for the
      30 Apr 2001 QLE
      Note from the gedcom sent by Gary on 29 Jul 2001:
      The birth of this Butterfield child MUST have taken place at
      Ovenden, as
      it was the residence of Thomas Butterfield and his wife Susan
      throughout the marriage, and it was after Susan [Wood]
      Butterfield married
      Matthew Mitchell [also of Ovenden] and they "removed to
      Southowram" [quote
      and data from Wardwell's 13 Feb 1956 letter].
      LDS library cites place as "York, York, England" but no
      documentation to
      this is noted.
      ". I have her date of death as 1670 in Hempstead, Queens (now
      Co., NY."
      Gary shows her Christian name as "Sarah (or Susan)."
    Person ID I06572  Sammis_Family
    Last Modified 2 Nov 2002 

    Father Thomas Butterfield,   b. Abt 1590,   d. Bef 16 Sep 1614, Ovenden, Halifax Parish, West Ridings, Yorkshire, England Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 24 years) 
    Mother Susan Wood,   b. Abt 1589, Ovenden, Halifax Parish, Yorkshire, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. UNKNOWN 
    Married Abt Dec 1611  Ovenden, Halifax Parish, West Ridings, Yorkshire, England Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Family ID F2149  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Family Jonas Halstead,   b. 16 Feb 1610/11, Northowram, Halifax Parish, West Ridings, Yorkshire, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 11 Jun 1683, Hempstead, Queens Co., LI, NY Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 72 years) 
    Married 1636  Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT Find all individuals with events at this location 
     1. Timothy Halstead,   b. 1637, Wethersfield, Connecticut (then New Netherland) Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Mar 1702/03, Hempstead, Queens Co., LI, NY Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 66 years)
    Last Modified 8 Jan 2018 
    Family ID F2143  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

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