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Long Island Surnames

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Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY



Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Hallock, Charles  3 Nov 1840Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I0840
2 Hart, Charles Alexander  30 Oct 1810Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I5258
3 Hart, John Havens  3 Oct 1816Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I5259
4 Hartt, George Anson  10 Aug 1807Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I5261
5 Hartt, Julia Ann  10 Apr 1809Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I5256
6 Hartt, William Halsey  8 Feb 1813Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I5260
7 Havens, Charlotte  Abt 1762Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I0632
8 Havens, Selah Strong  20 Apr 1755Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I0185
9 Hawkins, Gilead Mills  6 Aug 1820Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I0626
10 Hawkins, Temperance Ann  9 Jul 1818Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I0625
11 Penny, Doris E  15 Jan 1911Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I2066
12 Petty, Ellen Maria  18 Mar 1836Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I6500
13 Ross, Frances Delia  8 Sep 1829Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I1917
14 Smith, Austin  Abt 1728Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I0044
15 Smith, Eunice  Abt 1744Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I0046
16 Smith, Ezekiel  Abt 1735Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I0041
17 Smith, Francis  4 Jan 1732/33Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I0051
18 Smith, Hannah Woodhull  30 Aug 1795Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I0552
19 Smith, Jerusha  Abt 1740Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I0050
20 Smith, Keturah  Abt 1736Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I0047
21 Smith, Matthew  3 Sep 1721Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I0036
22 Smith, Nathaniel  Abt 1730Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I0045
23 Smith, Temperance  Abt 1732Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I0048
24 Smith, Zebulon  Abt 1724Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I0043
25 Terry, Strong  3 Jan 1812Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I2185
26 Topping, Agnes Barry  25 Mar 1842Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I0621
27 Topping, Caroline Doane  11 Mar 1839Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I0620
28 Topping, Charity  Abt 1804Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I1656
29 Topping, Charles Kelsey  13 May 1826Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I1652
30 Topping, Edward Glasier  21 Sep 1828Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I0615
31 Topping, Egbert Osborn  26 Sep 1834Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I0617
32 Topping, Eugene Sayre  9 Mar 1834Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I0618
33 Topping, Eugene Sayre  15 May 1844Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I2615
34 Topping, Harriet  2 Apr 1815Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I1650
35 Topping, Helen Hulbert  5 Mar 1848Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I0622
36 Topping, Jasper G  10 Apr 1817Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I1649
37 Topping, Lydia Glasier  11 Aug 1826Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I0607
38 Topping, Silas Edwin  7 May 1829Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I0821
39 Worth, George Lafayette  24 Jun 1848Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I0639


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Foster, Frances Amelia  8 Jan 1888Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I1988
2 Glasier, Lydia  7 Jan 1876Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I0614
3 Havens, Selah Strong  29 Jan 1785Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I0185
4 Reeves, Elizabeth Ann  Abt 1871Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I1654
5 Robert, Dr Charles Smith  13 Aug 1907Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I0245
6 Robert, John Smith  May 1914Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I1154
7 Smith, James  Abt 1749Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I0037
8 Smith, Oliver  22 May 1820Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I0333
9 Topping, Charles Kelsey  4 Feb 1844Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I1652
10 Topping, Edward Doane  21 Nov 1873Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I0613
11 Topping, Edward Glasier  25 Dec 1857Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I0615
12 Topping, Egbert Osborn  15 Jul 1850Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I0617
13 Topping, Eugene Sayre  3 Sep 1838Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I0618
14 Topping, Jasper G  4 Jan 1851Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I1649
15 Topping, Jerusha  Abt 1760Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I2648
16 Topping, Melinda  30 Mar 1873Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I1055
17 Topping, Silas Edwin  30 Apr 1912Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I0821
18 Woodhull, Hannah  16 Jan 1796Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I0209
19 Worth, David  Aft 1835Moriches, Suffolk Co., LI, NY I7970

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